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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A short history of nearly everything

Just finished reading a book by Bill Bryson entitled "a short history of nearly everything". Quite an eye opener for me having endured a meagre English comprehensive school education.
He manages to cover, well just about everything, from the big bang, quantum physics, human evolution and just about everything inbetween. The man obviously did an enormous amount of research ( years and years it seems) and spoke to all the key people.
But what struck me most when reading the book is that despite all the leaps and bounds science has made recently ( and we are talking very recently- as in the last few decades) we actually know very little about anything. Much of scientific theory is based on intelligent guesses and there are always those who have contrasting theories, and each chapter seems to end with a giant question mark.
But worth picking up and, as the blurb says, should be included in all school curriculums.
I wonder if it will be translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil as it is an enormous brick of a book and will thus cost a fortune here.


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