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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The compulsive voyeur in me keeps going back to Postsecret. I don't know if all of these secrets are true, some of them are quite horrifying, but they are always interesting and very artfully produced as well. And now the guy has produced a book of the best ones.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The quiet Sunday afternoon bash at the Cauim cinema turned into a full on rave with a jumping and screaming dancefloor. So much for my laid back funky samba vibe, my set turned into a full on baile funk set with Edu K bootlegs. The final track of the night - at the grand hour of ten pm - was the tim deluxe mix of "Seven Nation Army", a deliberate ploy by me to make the punters crazy, and crazy they went!
I wish I had some photos to put up.
Next one in April.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Neste próximo domingo, dia 26 de março, acontece a segunda edição do “Sessão TUTU” no cineclube cauim, localizado na rua são sebastião, 920, centro, Ribeirão Preto. A entrada é franca e o horário é das 16 às 22 horas e o chopp colorado custa apenas 1 real (copo pequeno de 200ml). Serviço:
domingo, 26 de março de 2006 - 16h-22h
São Sebastião, 920


Matchola (nujazz)
Rogério brito (jazz & mpblack)
Francis (funk & soul)
andy cummings (breaks & funk)
danilo psico (deep house)

The tutu team take over an old cinema in the centre of town for a Sunday afternoon bash. I don't know if I'll be playing breaks mind you, probably more of a laid back samba vibe while the punters knock back their cheap (one brazilian real! about 25p!!) beer made by a local micro-brewery - quality stuff.
Come and be merry!

Standing at the crossroads

I like this idea of collecting every blues cliche to create your very own blues tune with a few clicks at desktopblues.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Get your payments from the nation....

Love this picture of Mo'Ma deeply concentrating on something taken at the Informal last Saturday. Rocking night, packed out. I played a pretty shoddily mixed set of various Diplo, Edu K bootlegs, Hoxton whores, Deise Tigrona and other booty beats.

Here we have Duva who graced us with some delightfully corporal images, he definitely has a thing for the human body that boy.
About 4 o'clock I went into a back room for a lie down and promptly fell asleep, waking up about half past six and everyone had gone home...definitely too old for this lark.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

clube informal celebrates one year of existence this week with 3 parties culminating in a big bash on Saturday where I shall be DJing along with some damn fine company.
DuVa and spetto shall be doing their vjing thing which will be no less than fascinating. Details (in portuguese below).
Duva's work veers more towards video art than full on rave VJing and can be quite beautiful while spetto is more of a bonkers tech-head (tech as in technology rather than techno) experience.

sábado 11/3 SUPER-8
vj spetto
vj duva
dj andy cumming
dj julian
djs mo´ma
dj fabio ferriani
dj danilo psico

Campinas recebe, neste sábado, dois dos mais importantes vjs brasileiros:
DUVA e SPETTO, na comemoração do primeiro aniversário do clube informal.

O vj Duva é criador experimental no campo da videoarte. Tocou em todas as edições do festival Skol Beats, na edição nacional do festival Sónar Sounds, além de colecionar prêmios estrangeiros de arte multimidia.

O vj Spetto é designer e programador. Desenvolveu o primeiro software brasileiro para VJs. Realizou trabalhos para corporações – Microsoft, Lycra, MTV, Motorola, Nike etc – assim como para museus e galerias e produziu video-cenários para Gilberto Gil, Jorge Ben Jor, Pato Fu e outros.

Andy Cumming, dj residente do projeto, trabalhou em Londres com imagens nos shows de grupos como “Terminal Cheesecake” e “The Orb”, e em raves. Em Barcelona, trabalhou nos festivais Sonar como vj residente e programador do Sonarcinema. Ajudou a montar para selos alemães as coletâneas Favela Booty Beats: Rio Baile Funk (2003) e Não-Wave: Brazilian Post-Punk 1982-1988 (2005). Escreve também para revistas e sites ingleses. Andy toca um energético caldeirão de electro, big-beat e funk.Nesta edição de aniversário do projeto super-8 tocam 8 artistas.

Além dos 2 vjs e do dj andy cumming tocarão outros 5 djs residentes das noites de sábado: dj julian (rock/electro), dj danilo psico (funky-house), dj fabio ferriani (deep-house) e a dupla de djs mo´ma (variedades exóticas).
Depois de toda essa gabação ainda tem mais! Dia 11 de março também é aniversário da produtora cultural samantha moreira (ateliê aberto) e adivinhem? a festa será na balada informal !!!
VIVA VIVA VIVA!!!! PARABÉNS para todos nós!

happy birthday to you, happy birthday.........etc etc.

favela hotel

A interesting story in the guardian yesterday about the very dubious concept of a favela hotel.
I think I may know this favela as it is behind a building I used to stay in when I first went to Rio and it certainly didn't seem like an ideal tourist destination.

Brazil's president Lula contributes an article to today's Guardian about alternative fuel options being developed in Brazil. Alcohol driven cars have been an option in Brazil for ages now and I've always fancied having one though prices (of the fuel) have rocketed recently making it less attractive to the pocket.