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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Someone has posted Edu K doing "Popozuda Rock 'n Roll" at the The São Paulo show in the Inferno club. The night was a bit weird to say the least, it was full of rock 'n rollers (with names like "Johnny rebel" or "Danny Poison" no doubt) who didn't want to dance at all - they kept asking for stuff with guitars, which is what I thought I was playing, the pay was dreadful, I had my jumper stolen and the list goes on. DJing highlight must have been when my partner Daniel Haaksman was tired and pissed off and desperate to get home wanted to clear the dancefloor (which was pretty sparse anyway) and put on "Mustapha" by Queen, I mean have you heard this track? It's insane, what was Freddie Mercury thinking?
The show by Edu was blindin' though as you can see from the clip, which wildly goes in and out of focus but you get the vibe!

Now while poking around on youtube I found this bizarre clip which is Edu K with his old group De Falla on "Sabadão" with Gugu doing the very same song, Popozuda rock 'n roll. For the non-brazilians Sabadão was a saturday afternoon programme and gugu is a tv personality of the lowest order who plugs his own line of childrens toys throughout his godawful show. View and weep!

and finally I must plug my friend Per-Christian at Gaaak , who has started a new MP3 blog of Bollywood soundtracks called Music from the Third Floor. PC is serious about his bollywood and this is all stuff from his box of 150 or more vinyls, all impossible to find and yet so easy to download!

Friday, February 02, 2007

My mash-up/baile project Bonde James Bonde has been MP3 blogged at Fat Planet, based in Australia, and some very kind words they have to say too.
Pictured you can see the baile that they are promoting in Sydney, so good on 'em!
While checking out
Fat Planet's myspace page I came across this great mash up by Cracker Farmboy which is worth a listen.