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Friday, March 30, 2007

Man recordings have got a couple of cracking releases in the baile funk vein coming up and really seem to be taking the sound further.

Firstly, there's the new vinyl from the "funk Mundial" series, which is kind of a glitch house(or should I say Blog House) / speed or uk garage/ baile funk mixture. I'm looking forward to playing it on the dancefloor and seeing how people react. It has all the ingredients to work; skipping beat, deep growling bass and funk-style chanting.
You can download a lo-res MP3 copy here at (now extended for another week!)

Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal Ft. Mc Thiaguinho - Tamborzuda

There's also the second addition to the "Baile funk masters" series by DJ Sany Pitbull. This is an amazing EP and is described as post-baile funk, a term which I would use more for acts like Bonde de Role, or even Edu K, but this is almost prog-baile funk, with its sparse use of the Tamborzão break and the totally out there samples. The excellent mash up that is "Funk Alemão" you can download at Fat Planet. Fat Planet have been putting Bonde James Bonde on their playlist recently so you gotta luv 'em.

There's a good interview with dan "da (haaks)man" of Man Recs, pictured here with Mr Catra, at this Rio Baile Funk Blog ,which also has a lengthy interview with Sany worth checking out.

Whatsmore, man called Bruno (ex-pat Brazilian living in the States) has his mash-up/remixed tracks available at TagoMago.Net, and are worth downloading, so go there and give him some love.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Até o chão

sábado 17/3
chapa quente
dj andy cumming
dj marcelo k2
dj punkyhead
O residente andy cumming traz como convidados os djs marcelo k2, que já tocou diversas vezes no exterior e hoje faz parte do seleto cast da agencia Smartbiz, e o dj punkyhead, um dos precursores do breakbeat no interior paulista.Batidas quebradas pra botar todo mundo pra dançar!
das 23h as 06h

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

sab 10/03
aniversário! acid jazz, house, electro, rock, breaks
dj danilo psico + djs mo´ma + dj andy cumming + dj julian
Aniversário do informal e da Samantha (mo´ma) reunindo todos os residentes dos sábados numa noite sem hora pra acabar!
Celebrating 2 years of Clube Informal on Saturday, all the residents in one night - What a bargain!