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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Alma Mater

Local good-old boy Thaigo Fuzz, agitator of many fine musical events here in my hometown of Ribeirão Preto, has released a virtual ep with his pet project Alma Mater. I have seen them perform many times and if late 80's shoegazing with dashes of post-rock are your cup of tea then you should go ahead and download it, after all it's free!

Download :

Now shoegazing was something I never thought would come back as it seemed pretty lightweight even at the time. However, I suppose it makes some sense as its effects drenched sound nicely accompanies current soundscape shaping acts. Over at XLR8R magazine there is an excellent podcast of shoegaze material old and new that is well worth downloading. I surprised myself by how enjoyable I found this mix/blend, as seeing many of these bands firsthand, Ride, Swervedriver etc, I remember being distinctly unimpressed, much prefering the psychedelic assault of The Butthole Surfers or Sonic Youth.

click here for Melodies in Distortion


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