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Friday, December 23, 2005


Top 10 2005

Just sent off my top 10 for 2005 to Perfect Sound Forever for inclusion in their January issue, so I'll put it up here. Here goes....
The best of Brazil 2005 in no particular order

Various Artists - Não Wave: Brazil Post-Punk 1982-1988 (Man Recordings)
Excellent set of samba and bossa infused punk funk that, proud to say, I helped put together.

M Takara – Com Chankas e Jon (Slag Records)
Takara goes from strength to strength with this stunning experimental CD

Instituto & DJ Dolores – Narradores de Javé Remix (YB Music)
Quiet year for releases from the Instituto crew, however, this will do just fine as they mix up DJ Dolores soundtrack work.

Cansei de Ser Sexy – CSS (Trama)
São Paulo uber-hipsters make great pop record shock!

Edu K – Popozuda Rock n Roll remixes (Man Recordings)
The killer tune is Edu’s own reggaeton mix, burns up dancefloors every time it’s played out.

DJ Dedé – Tribos (unreleased)
First whisperings of a post-baile funk sound. Imagine Madlib or Timbaland in the hills of Rio making mad, bad booty tracks.

Tetine – Bonde de Tetão (Bizarre)
Not quite the full-on raunchathon of their live set, but a great collection of steamy electro-baile tunes.

Satanique Samba Trio – Misantropicalia (Amplitude)
All manner of macumba related weirdness.

Parteum – Patrocínio Quebrado (Independent)
Sophisticated indie-hip hop mix tape.

Tom Zé – Estudando o Pagode (Trama)
Quirky surreal sambas from the Tropicália old school.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

On Saturday we celebrate 3 years of Tutu, with a huge line-up of djs and guests. Mind you preparations are looking pretty chaotic at the moment so gawd knows how it will turn out on the night.