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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rather amusing snippet of video here to promote "sex-o-matic", the new single by Edu K. it's been filmed at an authentic baile and the guy featured certainly gets a good going over. Of the mixes on the single the solid groove mix seems to be getting the most attention, especially as it's getting played by Gilles Peterson, the DJ Mavi & DJ Sany baile funk mix is also getting blogged due to its backwards GnR sample, but for me the DJ Edgar mix is outstanding, just minimal baile beats.

Monday, January 23, 2006


My review of Cansei de Ser Sexy's new album is up at Stylus Magazine today, who have a a rather groovy huge picture of ABBA on the cover.

this was my weekend..... how was yours?

Thursday, January 19, 2006


You read it here first, the Norwegian post-punk revival starts here. Per-Christian has uploaded a few The Aller Værste tunes: "Two from their EP, two from the Materialtretthet LP, and one from their criminally neglected swansong single."
I'm going to download them as soon as I get home from work.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Now this is a real music book! A truly enlightening read.

So my good friend Per-Christian at asks the good question what would I choose? Well a desert island disc is a tricky one isn't it, one album to listen to.....forever! But the real meaning of the question is what is, in your opinion, the best album ever made, or what is your favourite album?
So you could choose one of the all time greats, say " Let it Bleed", "Tago-Mago", "In a silent Way", "For Your Pleasure", 3rd Velvets and a long etc. But if the text was for publication in a book like the one mentioned below, you could use the opportunity to talk a about a personal cult favourite, something probably unknown by the majority of the readers, and attach a personal story to it and thus creating a much more involving text.

So mine would be ....

errr...what? I hear you say. No believe me this is a great album. Very noisy and very psychedelic. And it was, believe it or not, so righteously resurrected just last week in an article in stylus magazine by kentish man/man of kent ( I never know which) Ian Shelley. So why would I choose this? Well it came out at the tail end of the eighties and the production by rudy from AR Kane really is studio as instrument stuff, Can-like at times and definitely pre-dates the post-rock sound. I frequently used to dj the groovy final track "pony boy" in barcelona and it rocked the house.
But my text would talk about my time in London in the East end, where the band were based - russell anyway - and doing shows with them, showing slides and super-8 films as their backdrop and what a riot that was. And also the other bands hanging around in that area, Find me a priest, Tab Hunter all-stars, Snap -Cabinet, Hank and Leej's xmas pub band who I can't remember the name of etc. There definitely was a lot of creativity around but none of it very serious at all. It would make for an interesting text to say the least, and perhaps something I will one day go into detail here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

just finished reading "Noite Passada um disco salvou minha vida" which means "last night a disc/album saved my life" (....groan) which has the old chestnut of ( Brazilian) journalists and writers choosing their desert island disc and saying why. So apart from the dubious title and the terrible cover ( I mean who approves these things? it's not as if São paulo is lacking great graphic designers) and the even sloppier presentation inside there are some nice pieces, not least by Alex Antunes and Alexander Matias.
Alex chooses the first clash album but talks about the death and the proceeding journey to the hospital of a musician friend. It illustrates why alex is one the best music journlists in Brazil in that it mixes the personal and the irreverent with a lot of humour. Matias's piece on New order is superb as well and I went to slsk and downloaded substance straight after reading it. Other good texts are by Clarah Averbuck and Beto lee Carvalho (who I've just found out is the son of ex-mutantes singer Rita Lee) talks about the result of going to school in full KISS make-up.
Mind you there is a lot of flat boring pieces in the book so you have to wade through it all. But where is Fabio Massari? Was he invited? and where is the underground? A lot of it is media chums celebrating their mostly awful taste or wallowing in nostalgia.
so best borrowed if you can.