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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

just finished reading "Noite Passada um disco salvou minha vida" which means "last night a disc/album saved my life" (....groan) which has the old chestnut of ( Brazilian) journalists and writers choosing their desert island disc and saying why. So apart from the dubious title and the terrible cover ( I mean who approves these things? it's not as if São paulo is lacking great graphic designers) and the even sloppier presentation inside there are some nice pieces, not least by Alex Antunes and Alexander Matias.
Alex chooses the first clash album but talks about the death and the proceeding journey to the hospital of a musician friend. It illustrates why alex is one the best music journlists in Brazil in that it mixes the personal and the irreverent with a lot of humour. Matias's piece on New order is superb as well and I went to slsk and downloaded substance straight after reading it. Other good texts are by Clarah Averbuck and Beto lee Carvalho (who I've just found out is the son of ex-mutantes singer Rita Lee) talks about the result of going to school in full KISS make-up.
Mind you there is a lot of flat boring pieces in the book so you have to wade through it all. But where is Fabio Massari? Was he invited? and where is the underground? A lot of it is media chums celebrating their mostly awful taste or wallowing in nostalgia.
so best borrowed if you can.


Anonymous Per-Christian said...

The question that immediately (well, almost) springs to mind, is what would your contribution to the book have been?

12:14 PM  

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