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Monday, October 03, 2005

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Black Future "Eu Sou O Rio" (Reworked by Munk)
Agentss "Agentes" (Slowdance by The Glimmers)
Voluntariós Da Pátria "Iô Iô" (Tim „Love“ Lee Edit)
Azul 29 "Ciencias Sensuais" (Marco Edit)

After the release of the acclaimed CD compilation „ Não Wave – Brazilian Post Punk 1982-1988“ (MAN 01) MAN RECORDINGS now presents the follow up release: "Não Wave Revisited“.

The EP´s title says it all. This is a new view on the fantastic Brazilian music phenomenon of the 1980s which became known in the Northern hemisphere only with the recent release of the „ Não Wave“ CD. For the „Não Wave Revisited“ EP we´ve asked four illustrous protagonists of today to dedicate themselves to the exciting Brazilian sound of yesterday and to present their interpretations of the phenomenon with remixes and edits.

MUNK from Munich, Germany, who recently debuted with their acclaimed „Apertivo“ album kick off the EP with an edit of „Eu Sou O Rio“ by Black Future, one of the few Brazilian post punk bands from Rio de Janeiro. With their „MUNK Rework“ the masterminds of the infamous GOMMA label revised the Black Future track as a 1970s disco edit. The intro extended, the energetic passages highlighted, ending with a rhythm passage that is perfect for beat mixing DJs. A state of the art edit, which will bring the still fresh sounding, percussive punk funk sound of Black Future onto many of todays dancefloors.

THE GLIMMERS from Eskimo Recordings in Ghent, Belgium, who catapulted themselves into the world league of DJs with their „DJ Kicks“ mix on !K7 records earlier this year, remixed „Agentss“ by the band Agentss. With parts of the spacey song, which single-handedly started the post punk era in Brasil 1982, THE GLIMMERS created a mellow grooving mix, suitably titled the „Slow Dance Mix“. A version that resembles the best of Kraftwerk and Krautrock, Cosmic Disco and Dub all at once. The vocal parts in German language are taken from the original – in 1982, the Agentss were big fans of German bands like Kraftwerk, Fehlfarben and DAF.

TIM „LOVE“ LEE, head of Tummy Touch records, made a new interpretation of „Iô Iô“ by the Voluntariós Da Patria. In a trademark Tim „Love“ Lee style, resembling his legendary mid 90s edits like „Again Son“ or „Superrapping Nr.5“, the New York based, mostly bearded Londoner stretched the most important bits, added echos and the sound of a Theremin. An edit in which Brazilian post punk meets British humour in a Jamaican dub chamber.

MARCO, who provided the last edit on this EP, is a Berlin DJ who has edited and remixed bands like Phoenix, Outkast or Tosca. He made a minimalist variation of Azul 29´s groovy dark wave anthem „Ciencias Sensuais“, for which he simply extended the intro – perfect for DJ use.

All original versions appear on „ Não Wave – Brazilian Post Punk 1982-1988“ (MAN 01)


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