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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On Sunday I went to see the above show of Joe Lally playing with various members of Hurtmold. Joe Lally is/used to be one of the main players in Fugazi, and I think perhaps the crowd were expecting lots of rousing and intense punk rock but what they got instead was a very disarming set of delicate bass driven personal tunes. M Takara's accompanying percussion was wonderful, adding a very light almost samba-like touch that perfectly balanced the deep bass drones while joe sang about war and kids and shit.
Small crowd, but what do you expect in the middle of brazil on a sunday, and certainly some very rude punters who insisited on talking loudly during this very quiet and charming set.
I bought the CD after the show, "There to Here", which is pretty much representative of the show with lovely bass tones, perfect for late night listening.


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